SciFi References: Movies, TV, Books, Comicbooks and Games

24: Image resolution enhancement
Abyss: Underwater breathing – Underwater station
Agents of Shield – Teleportation
Aliens: Exoskeletons – Hive mind
Avatar: Quantum entanglement – Luminescent plants – Bioelectronic trees – Tree communication network
Avatar, the last Airbender: Waterbending – Ice bending – Tree communication network
Avengers, the: Invisibility camouflage
Babylon 5: Bioelectronic spaceship
Batwoman: superhero suit
Big Hero 6: robot swarms
Bioshock:  Underwater city
Black Mirror: Bike-based energy harvesting
Blood Music: Nanobots in the blood
Brave New World: The feelies
Cats Cradle, The: Ice Nine
Cronos: Body energy harvesting
CSI: Superzoom
Day after Tomorrow, the: Polar Vortex displacement
Deep Blue Sea: Underwater station
Die hard: Outrunning explosions
Disclosure: Hacking
District 9: Exoskeletons
Doctor Who: Bioelectronic spaceship – Universal translator
Ender’s Game: Ansible
Fantastic Voyage: Blood vessel
Farscape: Bioelectronic spaceship – Universal translator
Futurama Brain Slugs – Smell-o-scope
Galactica: Bioelectronic spaceship
Ghost in the Shell: Exoskeletons – Nanobots
Harry Potter: Invisibility camouflage
Hitchhiker Guide to the Universe, the: Universal translator
Hunger Games, the: Color changing dress
Incredibles, the: superhero suit
Independence Day: Computer hacking
Indiana Jones…: Quicksand
Inner Space: Blood vessel navigation
Invisible Man, the: Invisibility camouflage
Island, the: Cloning
Iron Man: Augmented Reality – Exoskeletons
John Carter of Mars: Life on Mars
Journey to the center of Earth, A: Luminescent algae
Jurassic Park: Cloning of extinct species
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The (comic): Ice Nine
Left Hand of Darkness, the: Ansible
Life of Pi: Luminescent algae
Lost: Underwater station
Man of Steel Flight contrails
Mass Effect FTL communications – Tissue (re)generation
Matrix: Exoskeletons Body energy harvesting
Minority Report: Crime prediction
Oblivion: Shattered Moon
Ocean: Large waterbodies in a moon
Orphan Black: Patented genes
Pacific Rim: Mind Meld
Powerpuff Girls, the: Nanobots
Predator: Invisibility camouflage
Prestige, the: Wireless energy transmission
Princess Bride, the: quicksand
Prometheus: Environment exploration and mapping
Puppet Masters, the: Brain Controlling parasites
Ready, Player One: Bike-based energy harvesting
Riddick Planetary Storms
Seaquest Underwater colony
Sleeping Beauty, the: Color changing dress
Soldier Planetary Storms
Spiderman: Doc Ock’s robotic arms
Stargate: Ancient communication stones
Starship Troopers: Exoskeletons – Hive Mind – Tissue printing
Star Trek:  Teleportation – Universal translator
Star Wars: Robotics Limbs – Light Sabers
Skyfall (007): Computer hacking
Terminator: Liquid metal – Augmented Reality
Tomb Raider: Outrunning explosions
Total Recall Life on Mars
Village of the Damned Hive Mind
Wanderer, the: Shattering Moon
War Games: Computer hacking
Warehouse 13: Perpetual lightbulbs – Tesla Gun – Nanobots
X Files, the: Volcano exploration robot
X Men: Telepathy – Instant Ice


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