On Science & fICTion …

This blog is meant for people who love both science and science fiction, (needless to say) like myself. Ever since I was a kid, I found it amazing how things that were considered magic about a decade before became science after some new development. The target of fICTion (where ICT stands for Information and Communications Technologies) is to show how some of the ideas and technologies that keep appearing in scifi books, movies and comics are actually feasible. I won’t be delving too much into maths, physics and engineering, though, just the required bit.

If you want to propose an idea or to cooperate with the site, leave a message and a contact address under this post and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


BTW, this blog is kept by Cristina Urdiales, assistant professor (in ICT engineering) at the University of Malaga.


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