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Cronos-265521580-largeHere comes Halloween. Or how what people actually do with technology never ceases to surprise …

Many years ago, way before Guillermo del Toro did Hellboy, Pacific Rim or Pan’s Labyrinth, he filmed a quite original vampire movie: Cronos. An antiques dealer finds inside a statue a strange bug shaped jewel that attaches itself to his body. The jewel drinks his blood, but in exchange it provides energy, strength and, in extreme, eternal life. Of course, it comes along with an uncontrollable blood lust …

Naomi Kizhner is not creating vampires -at least as far as we know- but she has indeed designed a blood sucking jewel that uses the wearer’s movements and blood flow to turn a small wheel inside the device. The wheel generates electricity in exchange.


This (disturbing) concept -human energy harvesting- is also presented in Matrix, where machines keep humans in stasis to use them as living batteries and Kizhner just proves it’s feasible: as long as the heart is pumping, you can actually use it to power up a tiny bloodmill.


Energy harvesting is actually a reality. Some devices -like wristwatches or flashlights- may be recharged with body motion. Some sensors attached to glass surfaces feed from traffic induced vibration and further development might allow to harvest larger amounts of energy in a future. Your smartphone could actually be charged in a future using energy derived from temperature changes. However, thus far the only organ-based harvester was meant to power up a pacemaker using the heart energy to avoid battery replacement surgery.

Kizhner claims that her jewels are a proof of concept to check how far people would go to keep their gadgets charged in a world of declining resources. Yuck!

Energy Addicts. from naomi kizhner on Vimeo.

Source: The Higher Learning